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> Demented Joe is now ordering gas station owners and operators to lower the pump price NOW

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#51 2022-06-23 18:52:00

Re: Demented Joe is now ordering gas station owners and operators to lower the pump price NOW


Maybe they should just do away will all the federal and state gas taxes.

It would really cause prices to drop in CA.

However, the whole reason for gasoline taxes in elasticity of demand, and its pigouvian.


#52 2022-06-23 19:14:27

Re: Demented Joe is now ordering gas station owners and operators to lower the pump price NOW


The number 1 reason for the high price of oil is Biden's war on it and his push to an unsustainable green energy model. The only time green energy works financially (or appears to) is when subsidized by the government. It is not feasible in the long term - not at the present time or forseeable future. Anyone saying otherwise is math challenged or lying.

Personality cultists always think that everything that happens is driven by some politician who is either a messiah or a villain.

The reality is that US oil and gas prices are driven up or down by capex and subsequent supply excess or shortages.

Capex peaked 2014-2015 with the debt-fueled shale boom and when that supply came online, prices crashed.

With low prices and the subsequent bankruptcy of roughly 2/3rds of US oil exploration firms, capex collapsed 2019-2020.  Now supply is tight and prices are rising again.

Fortunately for us oil and gas shareholders, this time around the oil companies that survived the last collapse seemed to have learned a lesson and they're being a lot more disciplined in their spending this time around, they're increasing capex again but financing it from cash flow instead of borrowing and the better companies are committed to shareholder returns as the top priority.


#53 2022-06-23 21:22:48

Re: Demented Joe is now ordering gas station owners and operators to lower the pump price NOW

Sleepy Joe and his loyal followers need to study Ludwig Von Mises "The Source of Prices"

The characteristic feature of the market price is that it tends to equalize supply and demand. Any deviation of a market price from the height at which supply and demand are equal is — in the unhampered market — self-liquidating.

At times governments have resorted to maximum prices, at other times to minimum prices for various commodities. At times they have decreed maximum wage rates, at other times minimum wage rates. It is only with regard to interest that they have never had recourse to minimum rates; when they have interfered, they have always decreed maximum interest rates. They have always looked askance upon saving, investing, and moneylending.

But if the government fixes prices at a height different from what the market would have fixed if left alone, this equilibrium of demand and supply is disturbed. Then there are — with maximum prices — potential buyers who cannot buy although they are ready to pay the price fixed by the authority, or even a higher price. Then there are — with minimum prices — potential sellers who cannot sell although they are ready to sell at the price fixed by the authority, or even at a lower price. The price can no longer segregate those potential buyers and sellers who can buy and sell from those who cannot. If the authority does not want chance or violence to determine the allocation of the supply available, and conditions to become chaotic, it must itself regulate the amount which each individual is permitted to buy. It must resort to rationing.

Before the government interfered, the goods concerned were, in the eyes of the government, too dear. As a result of the maximum price their supply dwindles or disappears altogether. The government interfered because it considered these commodities especially vital, necessary, indispensable. But its action curtailed the supply available. It is therefore, from the point of view of the government, absurd and nonsensical. A government can no more determine prices than a goose can lay hen’s eggs.

If the government is unwilling to acquiesce in this undesired and undesirable outcome and goes further and further, if it fixes the prices of all goods and services and obliges all people to continue producing and working at these prices and wage rates, it eliminates the market altogether. Then the planned economy, socialism of the German Zwangswirtschaft pattern, is substituted for the market economy.

Prices are by definition determined by peoples’ buying and selling or abstention from buying and selling. They must not be confused with fiats issued by governments or other agencies enforcing their orders by an apparatus of coercion and compulsion.

Prices are a market phenomenon. They are generated by the market process and are the pith of the market economy. There is no such thing as prices outside the market. Prices cannot be constructed synthetically, as it were.

The very idea of cost prices is unrealizable. The reason why the price of Burgundy is higher than that of Chianti is not the higher price of the vineyards of Burgundy as against those of Tuscany. The causation is the other way around. Because people are ready to pay higher prices for Burgundy than for Chianti, winegrowers are ready to pay higher prices for the vineyards of Burgundy than for those of Tuscany.

Prices of the market are the ultimate fact for economic calculation. Attempts to eliminate monetary terms from economic calculation are delusive. No method of economic calculation is possible other than one based on money prices as determined by the market.

The pricing process is a social process. It is consummated by an interaction of all members of the society. All collaborate and cooperate, each in the particular role he has chosen for himself in the framework of the division of labor. Competing in cooperation and cooperating in competition all people are instrumental in bringing about the result, viz., the price structure of the market, the allocation of the factors of production to the various lines of want-satisfaction, and the determination of the share of each individual.


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