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He hasn't done diddly squat. Nothing of any value to the United states.
Working for free, but enriching his and his children's wealth with every deal he makes. Who else was working for "free"? Paul Manafort who was then convicted of tax evasion, bank fraud, and money laundering. As of today NY is subpoenaing 8 years of his tax returns. Individual #1.
Next he'll probably be saying "Muslem go back to Kenya". Where did I hear that before? I know it was BEFORE Trump... Oh yeah. Republicans...pic.twitter.com/7xXGiP2FL8
We do know these two things.... the socialist Muslim Hussein Obama and HillUranium lied about why the attack happened and also stood by idly for FOURTEEN HOURS and didn’t do a damn thing. Hussein and Benghazi Hillary are the murdering liars.
It is Important to note it ranks 20th out of 23 in accuracy. And was the least correct in the midterms. But ok. You say they are fake so why tout them. You keep your base so confused they dont know what to believe because they dont understand how to fact check
Please focus on something that will benefit the voters of KY while waiting for President @realDonaldTrump's approval to re-opening the peoples' Senate https://twitter.com/douglittlejr/status/1169665891182792704 â€¦
President @realDonaldTrump boards #AirForceOne on his way to #Albuquerque, #NewMexico. http://bit.ly/2O2asaO pic.twitter.com/2nzwHo7KP7
You literally said that on Faux News. On camera. With them showing the graphic of exactly what you said. Cheese and rice you are pathological.
These restart bots are beginning to get on my last gay nerve.
He is @realDonaldTrump new fixer. https://twitter.com/standofelders/status/1173693063631396865 â€¦
You don’t have 50% approval on your own staff...
Only a buffoon like you would: (1) invent such a low approval rating; and (ii) be so proud of it. I see where Eric gets his intellect from.
The criminal complaining that there are bigger criminals than him out there.....classic!
So you want guns completely taken away from citizens? There's 350m guns owned in this country. How you gonna go about doing that? If so, you know who is left with them? Criminals. What are you gonna do when they go on a spree because they know nobody has guns? Call the cops?
Pretty sure he won’t answer. Just a hunch.
Dear @realDonaldTrump How #Iran sent drones from #Jordan...huge distance? USA lied on tanker....last month. Saudi air defence has 4 positions in #Aramco....no fire? @BernieSanders @RandPaul @EmmanuelMacron @mike_pence @JustinTrudeau @AOC @tedlieu @GermanyDiplo @JZarifhttps://twitter.com/haaretzcom/status/1173690779711098880 â€¦