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Melania looks like cardboard
Donnie Dirty Deeds, it seems like you've had a bad year in the last week.
Can't argue, he definitely is achieving a lot by getting everyone close to him thrown in jail, way more then Obama!
He is an utter failure. Your sycophantic praise is showing.
No doubt whatsoever. No one that idolizes Andrew Jackson, Putin, Erdogan and Hitler can be anything but stupid.
You're in charge @realDonaldTrump YOU CAVED AGAIN? https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1075011751165485056 â€¦
I meant build it taller
We can only hope.
And laugh
How are you going to pay for it? With your foundation?
I have no doubt that we will vote her out and replace her with a Democrat in 2020. She is hated by the majority of Arizonans.
Does it print money?
Hey, congratulations. All that probably thankless-feeling work paid off. I agree with @MadisonPage16 - you are a hero! This is the beginning of a huge takedown.
https://twitter.com/peterboykin/status/1075093415786881024?s=19 â€¦
So now you want to build a border fence, not a wall. Out of the 8 prototypes, costing US taxpayers $20 Million, none of them are a fence. I say just put out a couple million traffic cones and call it a day.
Your free of all sin. I dub thee Sir. Donald J. Trump. You'd Be The Knight of Economics and Strategy. Sir. Thomas Fitton is the People's oversight to be funded, now and forever, so long as it's not in bad taste of its true meaning is spirit
You wouldn't be here if it weren't for immigrants. Unless you are 100% native American.
Giuliani told Stephanopolous that it was OK for @realDonaldTrump to repeatedly change his accounts of events, because “he is not under oath.” Think about the moral decay these people are driving. It’s ok to lie anytime about anything, unless you’re under oath.
Didn’t you take debate at Trump University? This stupidity is a no win argument now. “The wall we will be beautiful”??! Haha.