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Guess what idiot, the cages aren't the problem. How you are using them to abuse children is the problem.
Congress is applying the Constitution, to protect our country from despotic tyrants. Let them testify under oath. You are not our CEO. You are our president, and there are rules even you must follow. If you don't like it, you can leave the position given to you.
Let's kick the democrats out of the country they hate!
I like the Trump Straight Forward
National Health Service in UK, has its problems but free for all at point of delivery coz those that can pay via taxes. So grateful we have it here
You and your best friend Epstein raped baby girls and it’s all going to come out.
You DEMEAN the office of President every day. As a 6x DRAFT DODGER it is obvious that you have no love of my country.
Not my president nor yours, he lost the by 3 million votes
Best President Ever! (joking of course)
I think the point is......If you don't like this country, LEAVE.......go to another country you think is better, or back to your dysfunctional ancestral country......has nothing to do with race. Trump is attacked daily by the #OddSquad Why do you give them a pass?
How exactly the fuck does she know? She’s not American.
She needs to get the hell out of our country.
Vlad who? Vlad Clinton..
Keep America Great!
I can help them pack too! I might be able to muster up a plane ticket or two to get them the hell outta here! #Trump2020Landslide