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51+% of Americans want you removed.
You might be going to hell, Bishop. You should check your hatred here on Earth, js
His military associates tell the story, not Trump. He has been a loser all his career and they all hate him for being so selfish and me first!

If @realDonaldTrump takes the stand that Iraqi green card holders are Americans then look out for what’s to come quickly defending Americans, Iran was warned. What a statement this would be if Trump accepts these Iraqis as Americans and releases the American fury showing WWG1WGA
Who is it if it her?
Actually it was nine, neither of you were right so sit the fuck down.
I reported the threat against Schiff.
resign bitch
It’s now NINE asshole...... everyone got it wrong.... I wish his first report was right!!
So what exactly is that price? Define your threat please.
From this day forward, you will always be labeled a Russian stooge, & a puppet of Puntin. You’re a sitting house rep asking for foreign interference. That makes you a spy.pic.twitter.com/TFJhX62TD1
@realDonaldTrump https://twitter.com/chuckwoolery/status/1221483586341212160?s=09 â€¦
Now you see, that’s the kind of things that get your hopes up, and that’s why we find you on your knees screaming at the sky because you don’t understand. The reality is you are delusional with hate to see straight.
I'm so glad my head and your head are NOT in the same skull. You're hatred must consume you day and night. Feel the hate, come on, get it out!
BOOM! @realdonaldtrump Tied Ukraine Aid to Inquiries, @AmbJohnBolton Book Says https://nyti.ms/2GrpMsI  The @SenateGOP & @SenateMajLdr #MoscowMitch MUST allow witnesses. Otherwise, we‘ll know with certainty that Trump is guilty & the @GOP obstructed justice! #ConvictAndRemoveTrump
I will never be tired of listening to @RepAdamSchiff ! True patriot!