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@realDonaldTrump calls NFL to suspend Marshawn Lynch. Wait, does Dumb Trump own any NFL team? NONE; he couldn't afford to buy one
He’s the won that acts like he lost. In reality, America losr
Nothing new. Anything @realDonaldTrump, @POTUS tries to do that insures the American people’s safety, we expect the 9th circuit to block it. State courts should not be allowed to do that, it should fall solely on the Supreme Court to override POTUS.
Best president ever. Obama sucked.
You should have...but didn’t. SAD! And weak! You lose.
Bc they h8 America. Pretty simple
Left them in jail??? Because they don’t agree with you or sing your praises?? Seems a bit petty and unpresidential to me.
@FoxNews @foxandfriends @realDonaldTrump @ClayTravis @TomiLahrenhttps://twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine/status/932800745094729731 â€¦
Primarily in the sexual assault category...
快いことではないのです。  もし主が国々と争われれば、主は必ずその国々を滅ばされるでしょう。  するとその死体は埋められないまま、まるで糞のように地表に捨てておかれることになります。  これは確かに気持ちの良い話ではありません。
My deepest sympathies to his family and friends. Now more than ever, #@realDonaldTrump, BUILD THE WALL!!
Please grow up.
Another tactic by @realDonaldTrump and gang to humiliate the press corps. Why do you play along? Just say NO. Embarrassing. @PressSec @GOP
Maybe you should focus on god rather then just a man
So amazing he dodges sexual predator allegations against MSM and political figures.
When they name you commissioner of the NFL, you can push for that change. Until then, don’t you have a job to do...at least for now?
Girl I'm right there with you. He's so fucking crazy. I don't get how everyone doesn't see it.
Cool. I just need to remind you not to expose your sentiment as being formed with some supernatural consideration. #HowItWasProphesied. Cyahttps://twitter.com/HayleyS92342243/status/932796892735352833 â€¦
Trump's Republicans preference is pedophile Roy Moore to fit in with sexual predator Donald Trump. Months ago we couldn't believe how dirty the Republicans have become led by a paranoid asshole,but again another low endorsement for a Pedophile? SHAME