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U r disrespectful to America when u try to be a dictator. This is NOT an important issue. U can't be gone soon enough and take your ego too
Why aren't you doing more to help our fellow citizens of Puerto Rico @realDonaldTrump
Where Is the Justice Dept??? And why aren't you in prison already????
Mike Pence will absolutely destroy the LBGT community and SJWs. They don’t know how good they have it with Trump.
And i mean I wouldn't have thrown that at you unless you were pushing which you aren't you're very accepting and open minded it seems
Thanks Trump
True Fox is much worse than that
Do u think they learn from the Russian, then u should be proud of them :)
My milestone is for you to follow me
What a snowflake
Gujratis do tell saal mubarak because of our new tear which will start tomorrow. Vikram samvat 2074. Lot of gujrati in US so.
All right Mr Trump let us change tactics here. I suddenly realize that the USA can't possibly benefit at all by you bitching about the press
Few pay attention to Fox. But your desperation is so damned obvious!
@realDonaldTrump a copy cat of @BarackObamahttps://twitter.com/_notfakenews_/status/920839830598311938 â€¦
Dodger of the draft
Does anyone else believe that Trump is the most delusional dishonest person on this planet. OUR POTUS BLATANTLY LIES, HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!
The People: "We thought that after @realDonaldTrump won he would stop lying and become more honest & statesmanlike, but he's gone crazy"
There is NOT much real #news on #CableTV today. Most of it (upwards of 90%) is cheap political #commentary and #fake news.