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Joking right?
You and DeVos making a lot of money off these private concentration camps she created for you eh??? You know when you’re not Oresident we are going to throw you in jail for all this don’t you????
Good call President Trump
Another broken family. Sad. I'll pray for you both.
Hey trump....you guys made a big ass deal about Notre Dame burning down, but the Amazon is burning, as we speak, and none of you empty suits have anything to say? Great presidenting dude. Keep on merica-ing. Fkn troll
Trump wants to be King look at his tweets this guy is mental and needs to be looked at by a mental institution badly cuz he is going nuts now that his taxes are gonna come out no matter what cuz A WHISTLE BLOWER TOLD ABOUT HOW THERE WAS INTERFERENCE WITH HIS PRESIDENTIAL AUDIT!
No, the most perfect example is draining liberals from the senate and the Oval Office.
Through confession and seeking salvation in our God and only our God will one find the road to redemption. @realDonaldTrump is an abomination to God. pic.twitter.com/NoJmtU163r
Dude you commented to me. You brought your opinions, no facts. I know what I’m talking about because I live here, these mill works are my neighbors and friends. I’ve got family who are generational farmers who are taking drastic losses on their crops. I’m living this. I see this.
No you cant
Thank you!
Wtf is wrong with your brain
I know I wish Obama Wouldn't have built all them cages. #leftshatematters #WalkAway #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #FactsMatter #MAGA @realDonaldTrump @DNC @DNCWarRoom @CNN @maddow @msnbc #antifa #resistance #resist
#realDonaldTrump is meeting #BorisJohnsonPM very soon, might he be considering buying Northern Ireland? As stupid as it sounds....
This is really humorous in light of his dealings with ripping students off with trump university
They have better facilities than many children living in This Nation. And large number of public schools.