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I admire your tenacity!!!! You stay strong my friend.
Welll say goodbye because WE DEMOCRATIC people will join TOGETHER and destroy you and am soo sad for this world to have you leading this country and even myself can’t even call you president #BernieSanders2020 #US
We’re a Christian nation. A forgiving nation. Let her back in.
Next Gutterman will be handing out his special kool-aid
Illegal crossings have rapidly decreased over the last 20 years, this is not an emergency. The emergency is the number of mass shootings in our country which have increased in the last 20 years.
Hi, it is my understanding that you are representing the family in this case. Do you plan to sue the administration? Please feel free to DM me. My inbox is open.
I believe the Trotskyite neocons are on the run now...
Really? Trump promised that Mexico would pay for it. I see this as a broken Promise like most of his other campaign promises.
I’d be happy to, but I am nearly afford a weekend in a motel lol Please know that I’m not done socialist/communist preacher, I’m just analysing as I see things unfolding :)
.@realdonaldtrump Justice Department preparing to receive Mueller report: CNN https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-russia/justice-department-preparing-to-receive-mueller-report-cnn-idUSKCN1Q92G9?il=0 â€¦
From the same sources as the TV propaganda. Knowledge is empowering remember? Seek and you shall find
I never I never want to spew out hate But for you it's just too late We all see you And I know you cannot think Thoughts that are true I gotta tell you C.C. pick up that guitar and talk to me
Where did you obtain your facts? Why does CA have so much tourism do you think? Why do you think so much produce that we eat & export comes from there? Fake news?
I thank you Sir
Some of you are just slow to grow and therefore slow to know. Trump is a Trojan Horse and some of you will only see it when the walls fall down on top of you. So saaad!
Let her live in peace with Jack.
No, all Trump tried to do was build a resort in Moscow and he didn't want to disclose his business to the public. Was it deceptive? Possibly, but certainly not illegal. As for him being a Russian asset, why is Putin threatening to aim missles at their asset? I don't buy it, Sorry